July 1, 2015 Deborah Gorman

4th of July Firecracker Cocktail

Sparkling Blueberry Basil Lemonade Cocktail, Topped with a Scoop of Sorbabes Fresh Squeezed Lemon Sorbet.

This cocktail is guaranteed to sparkle at your 4th of July Party!


This recipe was inspired by Organic Authority’s recipe for a Sparkling Blueberry Basil Lemonade. We just simplified it a bit and adorned it Sorbabe Style.

You will need:

5 Lemons (plus one more for garnish)

¾ Cup Frozen Blueberries (plus more for garnish) we like Wyman’s

Bunch of Fresh Basil

Simple Syrup (approximately one cup)

2 Liters Sparkling Water

Good Vodka (we used gluten free Chopin)

1 Pint Sorbabes Tart & Juicy Lemon Sorbet with Candied Zest (find locations)

Large pitcher


We like to keep it simple and focus on the fun at the party, throw this recipe together in under 5 mins.

Squeeze the lemons into the pitcher, reserving a half for garnish later

‘Simple’ simple syrup: Mix sugar and water together at room temp until dissolved into a sweet syrup (saves cooling time when making an iced drink)

Pour one liter sparkling water into the pitcher, top with the simple syrup and add more sparkling water until desired balance of flavor/*sweetness is achieved. Add vodka to your taste.

*remember to keep sweetness just a bit below taste to account for the sweetness the sorbet will add.

Pour in approximately ¾ cup of frozen blueberries and watch the color of the drink turn immediately into a beautiful purple. Set in the fridge until ready to serve.

When ready to serve, top pitcher with cubed ice and garnish.

Garnish: slice up half a lemon on a mandoline; make a few curls of lemon zest; and fresh basil leaves.

To serve: pour cocktail over cubed ice in a glass and top with a scoop of Sorbabes Lemon Sorbet, a sprig of basil and a festive patriotic straw.

Don’t worry about the sorbet melting, it tastes better by the minute and trust us, these babies won’t last long!


Enjoy and have a fantastic 4th of July!

XO The Sorbabes

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