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Pool Party Sorbet Terrine

Impress at your next pool party with these super simple Sorbet Terrines. Always keeping it light, fresh and cool in the summer – Sorbabes Style!



To begin you will need the following:

Cupcake baking pan (cold in the freezer)

Cupcake liners,  silicone preferably (we love this Le Creseut kit found at Bed Bath & Beyond) although those pictured were made with foil liners.

*One pint each of Sorbabes Gourmet Sorbet: Fresh Lemon w/ Candied Zest, Juicy Orange Passionfruit with Lychees, and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate (find a store near you)

Garnish with fresh berries, curled zest of lemon and/or orange (learn tricks), or fresh mint

*Yields approximately 10 servings



Six Simple Steps:

1) Temper sorbet to soft scooping temperature (let sit at room temperature for this, do not microwave)

2) Pull cold cupcake pan out of freezer and insert cupcake holders

3) Scoop a spoon full of lemon sorbet into the bottom of each cupcake liner, put pan back in the freezer to set sorbet layer for 5 mins.

4) Repeat with the layer of passionfruit

5) End with the layer of raspberry.

Trick – wash hands and use fingers (best tools ever) to smooth sorbet layers down and even to the edges.

6) Allow terrines to set in the freezer for a min of 4 hours, over night is ideal. Once terrines are set, carefully peel out of holders, serve on dishes cold out of the freezer and garnish with a curl of lemon or orange zest, fresh berries or mint.


XO The Sorbabe’s

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