October 3, 2015 Deborah Gorman

Taste of Fall: Coconut Chai Sorbet + Macaroons top Baked Apples


When life gives you a huge bag of freshly picked mini apples – what’s a Sorbabe to do?


Definitely not peeling all these babies….


Our solution – rough chop apples, skins on, toss with brown sugar, cinnamon, coconut oil and a pinch of salt. Roast at 425 and continually baste in the juices until apples are tender and about to fall apart.


Spoon some roasted apples in a bowl while still warm, top with juices released in the pan and a heaping scoop of Coconut Chai Sorbet + Macaroons. (recipe to follow in another post).

Take it up another notch by topping with candied pecans (we love the recipe by One Organic Mama) or a great granola like Paleo Scavenger.

The result is the perfect autumn inspired dessert. Get cozy and dig in!

P.S. Sorbabes Coconut Chai Sorbet + Macaroons will be available in stores starting in January, keep a look out!

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