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A wise person once said, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy plant-based ice cream, and that’s kinda the same thing. 

This 4-pack (that’s 16 bars!) is made for the babe who wants it all and refuses to settle – and we love that journey for you. Enjoy the ultimate smorgasbord of SorBabes sorbet with one of each of our top flavors:

(1 box/4 bars) Mango Coconut Crunch: A tropical mango sorbet dipped in a creamy coconut shell with crisps.

(1 boxs/4 bars) Wild Berry Crisp: A jammy wild berry sorbet dipped in dark chocolate shell with crisps.

(1 box/4 bars) Vanilla Caramel Crunch: A vanilla almond butter sorbet blended with a touch of coconut cream and is dipped in a caramel chocolately shell with crisps

(1 box/4 bars) Strawberry Crisp: A sweet strawberry sorbet dipped in a creamy strawberry shell with crisps

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