Indulgent dessert as bold as the two women who created it. Meet Nicole & Deborah.

We first met way back in 2012, thanks to Nicole's mother-in-law who knew we were both looking to start a business and "match made" us, on a hunch we'd hit it off (moms are always right!) We soon became best friends and business partners, with a shared love of dessert and our goal to create a flavorful, innovative sorbet as decadent and creamy as ice cream, using all fresh, sustainable ingredients (we were told it couldn't be done.)

Deborah was working as a private chef and Nicole was in finance. With our combined backgrounds and our deep love of dessert, we launched a little sorbet stand at local farmer's markets, making homemade sorbet in Nicole's tiny NYC kitchen. We labeled pints late at night while our kids slept, and picked up the nickname "the SorBabes."

Over the years, our farmer’s market stand grew to a shelf in a grocery store, and eventually many stores across the country. Our pints evolved over the years into the crunchy indulgent frozen fruit bars they are today, but our obsession with creating the most flavorful, decadent, high quality desserts has never changed.

We credit our little brand’s success to our refusal to give up. And, our naivety – we were so green, we didn't understand how many ways we could have failed! We like to think that we’ve put the proof in the pops -- that women, moms, and those who don’t look the part of a “traditional CEO” can achieve their big dreams.