SorBabes is as bold as the two women who founded it. Meet Nicole and Deborah.

We first met back in 2012 and were united by our shared love of dessert and our goal to create a flavorful, plant-based sorbet as decadent as ice cream, but without the cream. Deborah was working as a professional chef and Nicole was working in finance. With our combined backgrounds and our love of dessert, we began our sorbet startup by testing homemade vegan sorbets from farmer’s market ingredients in Nicole’s tiny NYC apartment. We pulled late nights, testing sorbet batches while our kids slept and hand labeling each jar with the help of our friends and family. We started selling our plant-based sorbet at farmer’s markets our woman owned sorbet business was off and running! Over the years, our farmer’s market stand grew to a shelf in a grocery store, and eventually many stores across the country.

Don’t be fooled by the perfectly creamy exterior. Don’t let each glorious bite of decadence mislead you. Our plant based sorbet was formed by years and years of hustle. We credit our little brand’s success to our refusal to give up. And, we joke, our naivety – since we were so new to this business, we just didn’t realize how many ways we could have failed! So this isn’t just innovative plant-based sorbet. We like to think that we’ve put the proof in the pops that women, moms, and those who don’t fit the bill of what we expect from a “traditional CEO” can achieve their big dreams.