Meet our New and Improved Frozen Fruit Bars (And We're Saying Some Goodbyes)

Meet our New and Improved Frozen Fruit Bars (And We're Saying Some Goodbyes)

Have you heard our big news? In case you missed the myriad of announcements this week on social media, we're shaking things up!

Our frozen fruit bars you know and love are undergoing some changes this holiday season. As we look ahead to an exciting, big 2024, we're changing some recipes, switching up names, unveiling some new perks you've been asking for, and even saying some bittersweet goodbyes.

So many changes, we had to round them all up in one blog post for you -- we know our heads are spinning a little with all the big news!

First off, before anyone panics, we're staying true to our roots, getting back to them one might even say, so don't worry: your favorite indulgent frozen fruit bars aren't going anywhere. In fact, we're getting back to what we started with over ten years ago -- a true focus on indulgent fruit-forward flavors. 

Ready to hear all about the changes coming to freezer aisles near you? Let's get into it!

Our Frozen Fruit Bars are Finally Kosher Parve Certified

This is a certification and accomplishment we've been working on for years now and we're so excited to announce we're finally Kosher certified. You asked, and we appreciate your patience as we worked hard to obtain this important certification. Not the easiest or quickest feat believe it or not, especially for a small brand.

We think it was worth the wait though, as all our frozen fruit bar flavors are now 100% Kosher certified which is so important for us so all can enjoy our plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free frozen fruit bars. 

Look for new bars hitting the shelves in the coming week or month, as we roll out the new and improved flavors with their awesome new certification. 

Mango Coconut Crunch is Now...Even More Coconut-y


Meet the same tropical flavors you know and love, now made even more refreshing and more coconut-forward.

We've swapped out the crispy quinoa that was former coating the shell and replaced it with bits of real coconut, so with each bite you get refreshing cool tropical coconut and a fresh juicy mango center. The same "vacation in a bar" vibes, now even more satisfying and beachy. 

Strawberry Crisp is Now Strawberries & Cream!

We're so excited about this juicy sweet change! We wanted to make this frozen fruit bar more strawberry-y and more like an ice cream eating experience, so we ramped up the cream-y vibes to make it the sweet little flavor it was always intended to be.

To do so, we added coconut cream and more strawberries to the fruit bar, so each bite is perfectly sweet and juicy with a little tartness in the shell. Think strawberry shortcake made with all natural ingredients. If we do say so ourselves, she's the perfect blend of creamy vanilla strwaberry center with real little strawberry seeds and a whipped-cream inspired shell with real juicy gems of strawberry.

We can't wait for you to try this new glow-up! We think you'll fall in love with her like we have. 

Wildberry Crisp is now Berries & Cocoa Crisp!

This flavor has always been the perfect medley of deep dark chocolate and juicy bursting berries. We've changed the name to reflect the deliciousness within, and actually turned up the berry flavor, adding more berries plus some creaminess to balance everything out. 

This new and improved frozen fruit bar eats more like an ice cream with a touch of added coconut cream (which you don't taste, but that lends a rich creaminess that enchances the berry experience.) The oh-so juicy center is dipped in a rich chocolate as always for a truly decadent dessert that's still better-for-you. 

All Boxes Are New, With One Less Bar and Cheaper Prices for You

First and foremost we're moms and consumers ourselves. Just like you, we noticed our grocery bills going through the roof and wondered what we could possibly do about it with our own product. It's always been important to us to stay an affordable indulgence. We're excited what we were able to do to cut costs for a cheaper box of bars for you at the grocery store, while still maintaining a better-for-you frozen fruit bar with high quality ingredients.

We're so proud to announce our box price is now going to be a whole $1 cheaper than previously, unheard of in these times when prices are all going up, up, up! We did this by shrinking our boxes, reducing the quantity per box from four bars to three bars. This means you get three bars per box with a lower cost per box overall.

Our hope is now you can try more flavors while still having room in your freezer and saving overall on your grocery bill, which we know is so important to us all!

We're Saying Goodbye for Now to Vanilla Caramel Crunch and Cocoa Cookies & Cream

Sometimes we have to say a bittersweet goodbye to make room for more deliciousness ahead. So, Vanilla Caramel Crunch and Cocoa Cookies & Cream are both retirement-bound, headed, we imagine, to enjoy some deserved R&R on a tropical island somewhere with their friends.

We'll miss both of our indulgent, rich flavors, but are handing the chocolate baton to Fudgy Pop, our new little bro brand that has the chocolate cravings totally covered. 

Now through the end of December 2023, stock up while supplies last and use code LASTCHANCE at checkout for 25% off our departing flavors!

We listened, as we always do, to customer feedback and demand when making this tough decision. It's never easy to let a delicious ice cream bar go, but since the start, we've been here for the fruit -- and that's what you've told us you love the most. While we never know what the future might hold, it was important for us to focus in on our roots and our origin, which has always been delicious juicy, indulgent fruit-forward flavors. We'll leave the rich indulgence, like we said, to Fudgy Pop, which we trust will more than satisfy your richest chocolate cravings with its super-chunky frozen fudge on a stick make with Guittard chocolate. Mmm. 


We Can't Thank You Enough For Your Support

SorBabes founders in produce aisle

As always, we couldn't do ANY of this without your support! If you're reading this, that means you. We appreciate you being a 'babe now and always, and for coming along on this wild, sweet journey with us as we keep improving, changing, and mixing things up.

We can't wait to hear your feedback of our new and improved frozen fruit bars. Be it good, bad, or neutral, we want to hear your thoughts, what you're enjoying about them, and what type of flavors you want to see from us next!

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