Veganuary Tips for the Non Vegans or Vegan-Curious

Veganuary Tips for the Non Vegans or Vegan-Curious

Happy Veganuary 2024! If you don't know, now you know, that each new year in January many people around the world prioritize eating more plant-based for one month. Restaurants and cafes across the globe offer special plant-forward menus and vegan offerings, and many work to reduce their animal products and up the plants on their plates. 

As a brand, we're proud to offer all vegan products. Even if you yourself aren't vegan and never could be, our bars are happily and accidentally as we like to say plant-based. This means whether you're vegan or not at all, or somewhere in between, you can enjoy our soft, creamy frozen fruit bars with a crunch -- without worry about consuming dairy or animal products. 


Why Get Your Veganuary Tips from Us?

SorBabes frozen fruit bars founders in grocery store

Because we can relate. 

As founders, neither of the two women behind our brand are strictly vegan themselves. This might be surprising to some, but we actually think it gives us an advantage.


Chef and co-founder Deborah Gorman spent years working as a private chef and in some of the best restaurants in the world before meeting and joining forces with Nicole to create their brand. This culinary experience gave her a total appreciation for the best flavors and textures.

When it was time to create SorBabes, Deborah knew what real ice cream tasted like. She knew what her homemade treats had to live up to, and surpass, in terms of creaminess, mouthfeel, and decadence. Because she could compare the taste of SorBabes to real dairy treats, she was able to perfect her formulas.

The two founders quickly realized, not only were the vegan versions of their recipes as good as the ones containing milk, they were better! (Fun fact: dairy or even dairy alternatives can block flavor on the tongue, and mute the vibrancy of the fresh fruit we use in our bars.)

When they went on to create Fudgy Pop, the second brand -- incredibly rich, indulgent chocolate fudge pops, they also tested dairy and non-dairy versions. Once again, the vegan option was over and over deemed tastier and richer! In short, you just don't need dairy to create a creamy delicious treat that no one would believe is vegan. 

Our founders are not themselves 100% vegan, but feed their families and themselves as close to plant-based as possible. They feel this gives them the benefit of being able to relate to the vast majority of America and our customers -- perhaps like you! Most of whom aren't 100% vegan, but do feel their best without dairy, try to eat as plant-based as possible, and are pleased to find options that don't hurt their stomachs AND are kinder on the planet and animals.

We strongly feel you don't need to be vegan to enjoy our treats or partake in Veganuary and make a difference with what you put on your plates each and every day. 

As regular people and busy moms, here are some of our tips (vetted by the vegans on our team, too!) for this Veganuary and beyond.

1. When Eating Plant-Based, Start Slow

At the top of a new year or with a movement like Veganuary, it can be tempting to jump in head first and overhaul your whole lifestyle.

We encourage you to go slow and steady, and don't hold yourself to the daunting pressure of going vegan or eventually non-dairy (or whatever your goal!) overnight.

Change can be hard. Why not try just a once a week meatless meal, non dairy only, or finding plant-based versions of say, just dessert (we've got you covered there!)

2. Go With What You Know and Love

When changing your diet for Veganuary or any time of the year, it's important not to give up what you know, love, and enjoy.

If you're an ice cream lover, like us, and we bet you are, it's not an option to give up your fave frozen desserts. Stock your freezers full with our treats and other plant-based frozen treats. There are so many on shelves these days! If you're a big pasta lover, find great recipes online or in vegan cookbooks and master plant based spaghetti and lasagne.

Go for the lowest hanging fruit in other words, and master plant-based renditions of the meals you love and eat all the time, instead of trying to learn and adapt to a whole new menu. 

3. Be Sure You're Eating Enough

It's such a common pitfall of eating more plants -- not eating enough! Facts: plant-based foods are less calorically dense than animal-product laden counterparts. In other words, you have to (or get to!) eat much more and larger quantities of vegan foods, to get the same overall daily calorie intake you would when eating meat and dairy. 

In other words, be sure you're eating plenty when making veg swaps. Otherwise, you may notice your energy levels crashing, and your hangriness levels rising -- which no one wants. 

4. Always Consult Your Doctor

This should go without saying, but anytime you're making a substantial diet change, take into account your own health challenges and needs. When in doubt, it's always best to consult a doctor or trusted medical professional if you have any concerns. 

There are many great nutritionists and dieticians you can find to help guide you through your journey if you have concerns or want to make the change a more permanent one! When done right, a plant-based diet should be a super healthy choice for you and the planet. You may need to change up your supplement routine though, so always work with a medical professional when in doubt.

5. Go At Your Own Pace

This is your journey and there's no timeline. Veganuary is a one month long movement, but you don't have to rush, and you can move toward eating more plants at whatever pace is right for you, your diet, and your household. 

Don't feel the pressure to adopt dramatic changes overnight, and if you feel good after a few weeks of eating plants, just think how you'd feel in a whole year! Need to take breaks or pause entirely? No judgment! This is your path. 

6. Remember to Eat Your Carbs

It all goes back to making sure you're eating enough, and not depriving yourself -- which is something we believe in and shout from the rooftops all day long. We don't believe in restricting yourself from the foods you love, nor the foods you need!

And that includes carbs. Many plant-based foods are carb heavy, and that's not a bad thing! Leafy greens, fruit, and healthy whole grain foods like oatmeal and sweet potatoes are rich in carbs, which give our bodies and brain the fuel and energy we need to get through the day. Don't be afraid of them!

7. Prioritize Protein

Ah protein, the age-old vegan debacle. Contrary to popular belief, it's totally possible to get plenty of plant-based protein, no animals needed. Whether you choose to go fully vegan for the month, the year, forever, or ditch labels and just eat more plants when you can, make protein a focus.

Some of our favorite options include tofu, tempeh, chickpeas, beans, seitan, and more. Most good restaurants these days have vegan protein options and you can find so many great recipes online to make your own. 

8. Allow for Indulgence

You already know what we're gonna say here! As we always say, dessert like a mother. Which means, enjoy your ice cream or whatever treat you crave, no apologizing for it! We don't believe in guilty pleasures, nor do we believe in cutting out the foods you love that bring you joy.

Of course, we're all about healthy nutritious food, for Veganuary and all year round. Which is why we use nothing artificial in our treats and make them with fresh, real fruit. So a tip for veganuary is to not cut out what you love! Life's too short, and diets don't stick. 

9. Surround Yourself with Cheerleaders

Anytime you're making a change, whether for Veganuary or something else, having a support system around you is so, so key! We could never do what we do without a massive network of cheerleaders.

Be sure to find people who support you on your journey, and build you up! If you come across those who judge you for what you're eating, those aren't your people!

10. Find Your Why

Don't just jump on the veganuary bandwagon because it's a trend or everyone on social media is doing it. Are you eating more plants for your health? For the planet's? For the animals?

Whatever your why, have one, and remember it! It'll make the inevitable tough times and days you think it'd be easier to throw in the towel that much smoother to get through. 

11. Remember, Progress not Perfection

Again we repeat (are we starting to sound a little like a broken record? Sorry, it bears repeating!) this is your journey. If you've decided to give up dairy or meat or whatever your goal might be, remember this isn't a race and it isn't a religion. No one is expecting you to be perfect, and no one cares if you "slip up" or don't hit your goals every single time. That's life! Our biggest veganuary tip is to not let this be one more thing you put too much pressure on yourself to achieve -- we all do plenty of that. This should be an enjoyable, delicious, and healthy journey! And at least you know you've got your dessert options figured out -- we're happy to help with that.

Happy Veganuary 2024!

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