5 Reasons People Think Most Sorbet Sucks

5 Reasons People Think Most Sorbet Sucks
We may all scream for ice cream, but plenty of people on the internet are screaming about sorbet -- about just how much most of it sucks.

And we're a sorbet company, so we can say it.
It may surprise you (or not) to know, there's a small but vocal corner of the internet devoted to hating on sorbet. We know -- of all the things in the world to be mad about...
But folks are sick of bland, flavorless, lame-compared-to-ice-cream-sorbet, and they're getting loud about it. Do you agree?

Exhibit A:

We aren't shocked. After all, when we set out to create sorbet ten years ago, experimenting with produce from our local farmer's market, folding in sugary chunks of homemade streusel and juicy slivers of fresh peaches, we knew sorbet was due for a rebrand.
We were huge Ben and Jerry's fans and just didn't see anything comparable to the decadent, artisanal ice cream we loved in the small, sad sorbet section of the frozen desserts aisle.
Most sorbet did suck. We'll say it.
We set out to make something different, frankly, wondering why no one else had! After all, sorbet is the world's oldest frozen dessert and in our opinion, woefully underappreciated. 
Scrolling Twitter one day, we stumbled upon countless mini-rants and gripes and complaints about just how lame typical sorbet is.

Direct and to the point.

"Ice cream's boring cousin." Sad but usually true, Ms. K.

This person was driven to write an entire blog post on their hatred of sorbet! We applaud the passion.

Sorbet hate is thriving on Reddit. 

That's it, that's the tweet :( 

We know most sorbet sucks - and we’re the SorBabes.
To all the sorbet haters, we hear you! And frankly we agree! Here are the top five grievances we've see against most traditional sorbet:
1. Old school sorbet is icy
2. Old school sorbet is not indulgent
3. Old school sorbet is only offered in the same few overdone flavors
4. Old school sorbet is a sad excuse for ice cream, especially for our vegan friends
5. Old school sorbet is sickly sweet
Here's what we can do about it. Do you think most sorbet sucks? Vent in our sorbet slam book - give sh*tty sorbet a piece of your mind. 
Tell us how you’ve been personally victimized by sucky sorbet and you may be entitled to compensation. By that we mean, we’ll send you a freebie coupon in exchange for you to try us out (find your nearest store here).  Leave an extra spicy sorbet slam and you may even be crowned our “sorbet hater of the week” to receive a free box of sorbet, shipped right to you!
We get it - most sorbet sucks, but this is not your mama's sorbet. We bet you can think of something you've changed your mind about before; something you now love that at one time you hated. Low rise jeans? The taste of alcohol. How 'bout coffee? If PBR and Buick can rebrand themselves as cool, we figure it's sorbet's time too. And at the very least, we'd love to hear why you think most sorbet sucks, so we can make sure we're creating something totally, deliciously different. 
We're looking forward to getting the chance to challenge some folks' idea of what sorbet can be. What are you scared of - that you might actually like it? 😉

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