Why Our Sorbet is Priced the Way It Is: Come Behind the Scenes of our Online Shop

Why Our Sorbet is Priced the Way It Is: Come Behind the Scenes of our Online Shop

Most businesses might not get this transparent with customers about things like pricing. But we've always done things our way. Why start following the "rules" now?

All jokes aside, transparency and honesty are two of our favorite ingredients. We believe that you should know not only exactly what ingredients are in your sorbet (it's why we keep our ingredient list so short and sweet. We had to have a product we'd feel good about feeding to our kids before we could share them with you!) but also exactly why we're happy to share why our online bundles are priced the way they are. 

It's no secret -- everything's gotten more expensive in the last couple years. With inflation, headaches in the global supply chain, and the pandemic, prices both in stores and online have gone up just about everywhere.

We're so happy to offer online ordering to all our "babes" who can't find us in stores yet, or simply want or need sorbet delivered to your doorstep without having to leave the house. Hey, we get it! It's a luxury we're so thrilled to offer, but it's a luxury.

But in a time when we're all feeling a little strained, you might be wondering why ordering sorbet online is so dang pricy! Because let's be real - $59.95 + shipping for a 4-pack (meaning 16 bars!) is a lot more than you'd fork over if you picked up SorBabes at the grocery store. What gives?

Here's exactly what. Let's scoop into the details (forgive the ice cream-y pun...we tried to make it work) of what goes into our pricing.

Let's break it down in probably more detail than you ever wanted to know about how we price our 4-packs online & why it's more $ than in-store...


1. Basics: the retail price per box. (Which we actually *just* raised slightly, long after most of our competitors did, due to the pandemic/inflation/global supply chain issues.)

The retail price per box is $5.99, or $23.96 for 6 boxes of bars. We also pay $1 to our fulfillment center to ship each box, for a total of $4.

2. Gotta have a good cooler to ship your goodies in (to anywhere in the U.S.) without bars getting dinged or dented (important!) That = $7. Next, dry ice, baby. The true VIP when it comes to keeping your sorbet bars ice cool in the mail for 2 days. Pretty magical when you think about it. That's $4.50 per order.

3. Then there's the warehouse processing charge to us: This is $6.50 per order. (P.S. let us take a minute to brag on our amazing warehouse crew like Lauren and the other folks who do an amazing job overseeing and packing up your orders. They rock!)

4. Shipping insurance charges through UPS: $2.80 (gotta safeguard those goodies!) There's a credit card fee of $.30 per order (told ya we're getting seriously transparent here!)

Ok, phew. We like sorbet a whole lot better than we like math, but if you add it all up, that equals a total of $53 per six-pack. Our online packs all run for $59.95.

You can probably deduce, this isn't a money maker for us but a labor of love and an honor, to serve our sorbet to you wherever you are even if your stores don't carry us (yet). 

We will always strive to be as transparent and open as we can be with all the businesses choices we make. We've always done things our way; from being extra choosy with our ingredients, to the product itself (they told us we could never make a creamy, indulgent sorbet. They told us we could never built a successful business as two moms. We did it anyway!)

Whether you get your sorbet fix in-store or take advantage of the sheer magic that is ice cream delivered to your doorstep, you're the real MVP and this little sorbet brand that could couldn't without your support. So thank you!

Have any questions? Email us at hello@sorbabes.com anytime - we'd love to hear from you.

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