How Our Frozen Fruit Bars Give Back: Our Partnership with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

How Our Frozen Fruit Bars Give Back: Our Partnership with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Our central belief that guides all we do -- from the ice cream bars we make to the people we work wtih and how we do business and balane motherhood, is a simple one: We believe in treating the planet, ourselves, and each other with kindness. It's why we make our indulgent frozen fruit bars, with the hope they bring a bit of joy into your day, and it's why we're proud partners with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, to give back not just for Earth Day, but year round, with each box sold. 

If you haven't yet heard of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, they're an incredible international charity we're so proud to be partnered with. We couldn't be more aligned with their work and mission, and as soon as we heard of a charity aimed at helping those in need and improving the health of the planet via the magic of fruit trees, we knew we had to be a part of it. 

In celebration of Earth Day 2023, here's everything you need to know about how our frozen fruit bars and The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation are partnered and why, the incredible work the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation does, and a few of our other favorite eco-conscious brands that give back to the health of the planet with each purchase.

Why We Chose to Partner with The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

When we pivoted from pints to pops and took back full creative control of our brand in 2020, we knew that working with a charitable focus was at the top of our wishlist for who we wanted to be as a brand. We've always felt we're here not just to create delicious joy-sparking ice cream bars, but give back to causes bigger than us. And importantly, help those less fortunate, whenever possible.

So when we we heard about the incredible, unique work of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, which harnesses the power of fruit to do good in the world, they were the obvious choice for us to work with.  

We have so many causes near and dear to our heart from animal welfare to social justice, and we knew as a small brand we couldn't tackle it all or make every cause ours.

But we love fruit trees and fruit, clearly - or we wouldn't do what we do! We've always since day one known the power of fruit to create delicious, luscious treats as creamy as ice cream, without the cream, but we also know the power and good fruit trees can do in the world. When we realized we could help support using fruit trees as a tool for peace, economic stability, and environmental health, it was an obvious fit.

What Does the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Do?

As we celebrate Earth Day 2023, it's never been more obvious or urgent that we all need to do our part to help the planet and address climate change.

We're an ice cream company but we know even as a small brand, we can and must do our part to do no harm and actively give back. The Fruit Tree Planting foundation is doing just this, and with each box of our frozen fruit bars sold, we're happy to donate a percentage toward their incredible work.

Which is what, exactly? Glad you asked.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation works around the globe to plant edible fruit, nut, and medicinal orchards in disadvantaged communities in the states and abroad. These areas range from schoolyards, low-income neighborhoods, Native American reservations, and more.

These orchards strengthen communities in tangible ways, providing nutrition where its needed, cultivating economic benefits and jobs in those communities, and improving soil and air health for the long-term.

Inspiring right? The mission is powerful and simple - the true magic of trees can be transformative both for these neighborhoods and the people living in them.

The ultimate mission of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is "to plant and help others plant a collective total of 18 billion fruit trees across the world –– 
roughly 3 for every person alive–– and encourage their growth under organic standards."

We're so proud to be a small part of their incredible work by giving back to their work with each box of our frozen fruit bars. We only look forward to growing as a brand so our support can be even more significant in the coming years.

Looking for Other Brands that Give Back and Help the Planet?

We're far from the only food company using their work to also give back and support the planet and climate with each purchase.

Here are just a couple other brands that inspire us by their eco conscious focuses. 

Not on this list but totally deserving of a mention for their long track record as a leader in political and social justice and activism of all kinds is Ben and Jerry's - who has long used their brand and voice for good. We're inspired by you, Ben and Jerry's!

Alter Eco

Alter Eco doesn't just make delicious chocolate, but also has a foundation all about promoting regenerative agriculture - i.e., growing practices with long-term soil and earth health in mind, aimed at turning around the incredibly harmful industrial monoculture practices of mainstream farming. While making delicious chocolate, they work to transition farmers to regenerative practices, plus empower and educate to encourage widespread use - and we've never heard of anything sweeter.


One of our fave ways to happy hour it up, BoochCraft makes delicious hard kombucha while giving 1% of all their gross sales to sustainability organizations and efforts. Their manufacturing is also eco friendly - 100% powered by the wind! Cheers to that. 

Moonshot Snacks

Crackers from Moonshot Snacks are not only delicious (we've tried 'em!), they're also helping you be a part of the solution this Earth Day 2023 and always, leading a climate friendly food movement by working with regenerative farms. They're climate friendly in every step of the process from their sourcing, packaging, ingredients, and manufacturing. 


And for your packaging, cutlery, and straw needs, keep the eco-conscious train going with Equo, makers of totally sustainable and eco friendly alternatives to the single use plastic that the industry traditionally uses. All their products are made from edible materials like sugarcane, rice, grass, and coconut. Here's to biodegradable, compostable, and non-soggy straws.

Let us know your favorite eco-friendly and sustainably minded companies that you love supporting. And check out and get involved with the work of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation - which you can support by purchasing your favorite indulgent frozen fruit bars, donating directly, or purchasing their merch, which supports their planting efforts. 

Happy Earth Day!

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