Sherbet vs Sorbet- What's the Difference? The Only Guide You'll Need to the Different Frozen Desserts

Sherbet vs Sorbet- What's the Difference? The Only Guide You'll Need to the Different Frozen Desserts

Wondering what the difference is between sorbet and sherbet? You're not the only one. Though both sorbet and sherbet are delicious, often-fruit forward desserts in the ice cream family, and the terms are often used interchanably, sorbet and sherbets have their distinctive differences in terms of preparation, taste, and ingredients, so lets dig in to sherbet vs. sorbet and what sets them apart. 

Sherbet vs Sorbet vs SorBabes - What's the Difference

What Ingredients are Found in Sorbet vs. Sherbet? How are They Different?

They might both be scoopable, delicious frozen treats you grew up enjoying, but the primary difference between sorbet and sherbet has to do with dairy. Sorbet traditionally is made without any dairy, making it a naturally lactose-free, vegan dessert, as it's traditionally prepared.

(And yes, all our sorbet flavors are always 100% dairy free, making them the perfect creamy treat for you if you're vegan or lactose free.)

On the other hand, one of the primarily differences between sherbet vs. sorbet is that sherbet is typically made with a bit of either cream or milk, upping the fat content and creating a creamier, richer eating experience - at least traditionally. Most traditional sorbet on the other hand can have a somewhat icy texture and is often served at restaurants as a palate cleanser, more than a rich, indulgent, scoopable treat. (We're flipping that on its head and reinventing how creamy and rich sorbet can be...but more on that in a bit.)

Sorbet vs. Sherbet - Which One is Healthier?

SorBabes founders at the farmers market

If you're wondering if sorbet is healthier than sherbet, you're far from alone - and the answer to that depends on a couple factors, not least of which being, what you consider "healthy." Are you looking for a dairy free dessert? Searching for the lowest calorie sorbet or sherbet?

As with all things, the definition of healthy depends who you ask and what you're after.

In general though, since sorbet is typically made with just two main ingredients - water and fruit - a traditionally prepared sorbet is often lower calorie and "cleaner" than sherbet or ice cream. Many store-bought sherbet options are made with artificial coloring, flavors, and clock in with a higher fat and calories count from the inclusion of milk or cream.

As with all dessert - we think the point is joy, and joy above all else! Craving sherbet vs. sorbet? Go for it, and don't feel guilty for enjoying a higher calorie treat - because the point of dessert is enjoyment.

If you're looking for a daily, lower calorie treat though, you'll do best to reach for a fruit based sorbet, which tend to be lower in calories and fat - such as our Mango Coconut Crunch or Strawberry Crisp bars!

In general though, both sorbet and sherbet can be a delicious and lower calorie alternative to ice cream - so follow your personal health guidelines and your cravings!

Does Sorbet have Dairy? Is Sherbet Vegan?

SorBabes fruity sorbet pops

Since the main difference between sherbet vs. sorbet has to do with the addition or not of dairy, sorbet is traditionally both dairy-free and vegan, while sherbet typically is neither vegan friendly nor dairy-free.

As always, check the labels - or play it safe and grab one of our indulgent sorbet pops, which taste as creamy as any craft ice cream but are 100% vegan and dairy free, made only with recognizable, plant-based ingredients. 

A Pro Tip for Enjoying Your Sorbet, Sherbet, Gelato, Ice Cream, or Any Frozen Treat!

Here's a hot tip for making the absolute most out of your frozen treat. Whether you're having sorbet or sherbet tonight - or even ice cream - most frozen treats become their creamiest best selves when given a few minutes to "temper" after being taken out of the freezer.

You can leave your box of SorBabes bars or pint out on the counter  - not long enough to begin to melt, so just a few minutes does it. This allows the texture to soften to creamy perfection and the flavors to fully bloom.


How is Our Sorbet Different? Is it Even Sorbet?

Now that we've gone over the traditional differences between sherbet vs sorbet, time to throw out everything you knew - because we're doing things differently around here.

Since our beginnings at a small farmer's market, we've been on a mission to reinvent sorbet, and bring something diffrent to the frozen treat aisle. 

Back in 2012, our co-founder Nicole was craving a rich, creamy, fruit-forward sorbet option and didn't see any at the grocery store. The only sorbets tended to be super-sweet, full of artificial ingredients, and offered in the predictable trifecta of mango, raspberry, or lemon. Failing to find the innovation and decadent sorbet options she was looking for, she decided to make her own! After connecting with chef and her soon-to-be-partner Deborah, the two were off to the races, creating fruit based sorbets blended with nut butters and rich inclusions for a sorbet that ate more like a decadent ice cream - minus the cream!

When you bite into a SorBabes mango sorbet or Vanilla Caramel bar, you'll immediately a texture far creamier, richer, and more akin to an ice cream than you might expect from a sorbet. This is still technically sorbet - but we're pushing the envelope and challenging expectations. You'll find no icy, palate cleanser treat here - but a better-for-you, wildly flavorful, creamy frozen dessert that will make a fan even out of a sworn sorbet skeptic. 

SorBabes sorbet frozen fruit bar three flavors

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