Shop From These Mom Owned Food Brands this Mother's Day and Always

Shop From These Mom Owned Food Brands this Mother's Day and Always

Being a mom owned small brand isn't a marketing tagline or category for us - it's just who we are and what we believe in supporting. Not just for Mother's Day but year round.

Did you know, more than 40% of all businesses in the U.S. are now women owned?

There are so many important reasons to support woman owned brands every chance you get. While the woman owned sector is booming, with thousands of new women owned businesses launched each year, women in business still face systemic barriers and roadblocks. Women still receive a miniscule percentage of all funding and face many prejudices and barrier compared to men.

Our role as shoppers can help support a new future of business and help women entrepreneurs everywhere succeed at doing what they were meant to do!

With each purchase you make, you can support small, mid sized, and large woman owned brands - and specifically mom-owned brands - which have a special place in our hearts.

Who Run the World? Moms!


To us, there's no one more impressive or awe-inspiring than moms running businesses.

It takes an extra level of determination, energy, and love of what you do to juggle the demands of motherhood and owning a business - both so demanding in their own ways. 

We're hopeful about the changes we've experienced just in our ten years of being in moms and women business. When we first started, we felt we had to keep our lives as moms and business owners separate. Now? We see more parents on Zoom calls with their lives and children in the screen - proudly! We don't feel the pressure we used to to hide our real lives from our business, and we say this change can't come fast enough.

More businesses are creative supportive, positive workplaces for women and moms, and more moms are launching their businesses and following their dreams. (There's still so much change that needs to happen, though.)

Keep your Kitchen Stocked with These 7 Mom-Owned Brands 

We're proud that our #1 titles will always be "mom" - and "business owner" second!

With Mother's Day around the corner, consider supporting from one of these inspiring mom owned, woman-owned, totally delicious food brands (and not just one day out of the day - year-round!)

And if you're a mom in business reading this, we raise a pop to you! You're the real MVP.

1. Parktake

Cookies are always a good idea. Partake cookies, especially, founded by mom and business owner Denise Woodward, who launched her allergen-friendly line of treats after her own daughter ended up in the ER after experiencing food allergies. Leave it to moms to make a solution that leaves the world a little more delicious for everyone.


2. Sweet Lorens

Cookie Dough Sampler, Dairy Free Cookie Dough | Sweet Lorens

Photo by Sweet Lorens

We're so grateful edible cookie dough exists - and we have mom and founder Loren Brill to thank, for her delicious, non GMO, vegan, gluten-free and totally addictive cookie dough. Her own health battles with Hodgkin lymphoma inspired her to create a sweet treat that doesn't cut corners on healthier, wholesome ingredients devoid of anything processed.


3. Baked by Melissa

We've loved Melissa and all she does since the beginning, when we were both launching our businesses in NYC a decade ago! Since then, Melissa has gone on to grow an empire of cupcakes, cookies, and lately, Tiktok fame - where she shares her life and recipes, often with mom life and her family on display in the background. Refreshing and yummy.


4. Credo Foods

Credo Foods

Photo by Credo Foods

We're totally addicted to dips by Credo and in awe of the powerhouse mom behind the Austin-based brand, Madeline (her husband Adam co-owns and runs the biz along with her.) Scoop up their creamy quesos, cream cheeses, french onion dips and more - all 100% plant-based and as delicious as they are cute (that packaging!)


5. Owls Brew

You've had boozy seltzers, but what about sparkling boozy teas? Owls Brew has long been a brand crush of ours for their unique, delicately herbaceous flavored spiked canned teas, founded by friends and tea masters, Maria Littlefield and mom of two, Jennie Ripps. Find their teas in thousands of stores nationwide and online!


6. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Best Sellers Collection | Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Photo by Jeni's

We tip our hat to a great ice cream brand in our niche - Jeni's! Jen Britton Bauer, the boss and ice cream master behind the products, is a mom to two and has successfully grown her empire to over 30 ice cream scoop shops plus countless grocery stores nationwide. 

7. Golde

There's no better way to start your day than with a warm creamy mug of golden latte by Golde - makers of delicious, healthy instant golden milks, turmeric lattes, matchas, and more. CEO Trinity Mouzon Wofford founded Golde from a tiny apartment in Brooklyn (we can relate!) and has grown her superfood business, including getting picked up by Sephora, while juggling motherhood. We'll cheers to that.


Support Woman Owned and Specifically Mom Owned Brands Every Chance You Get!

Add these foods made by moms to your cart - it's so important we vote with our dollars for the kind of business and companies we want to see more of.

We think women and moms specifically can bring such unique and needed skills and energy to the mainstream business world. We're excited to just see the mom owned business sector grow!

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